See any tumblr blog,
without the reblogs

Sometimes, we just want to look at someone's writing, photos, art, or viral text posts. Then we hit the mound of reblogged posts.

Stalkr digs out the original posts of any tumblr user, so you don't have to.

How does Stalkr work?

Stalkr retrieves a number of posts using Tumblr's API, and filters out the reblogged stuff, keeping only the original content. The posts are then displayed on Stalkr.

How did you make Stalkr?

Stalkr was built with the Play 2.0 framework. The backend is written in Java, and the site uses the Scala template engine that comes with Play. And of course, all blog content comes through with Tumblr's API.

Are my private posts shown?

No. Tumblr hands over only public posts, ones that can be found on your blog anyway.

Are you saving copies of my blog?

Never! Once you leave a page where content is displayed, that content is gone and must be retrieved again from Tumblr's servers in order to be displayed again. I also don't have the storage space to cache any blog! However, anyone can enter your blog's URL to Stalkr, and proceed to manually save content from your blog. Stalkr has access to whatever you publicly post on tumblr, so in general, don't publish anything you don't want others to see.

So Stalkr gets every one of my original posts?

Ideally, yes. Realistically, it depends on you, me, and Tumblr.

  1. It depends on what you consider "original." For example, if you reblog your own original post, the reblogged post will not be included in Stalkr's results. Even though the reblogged post's content is 100% yours, it has a "reblogged from" marker, and is filtered out.
  2. I'm human. Moreover, I'm a human who's learning lots. I have made and will make mistakes with this application.
  3. Of course, Stalkr depends on Tumblr's response to post requests to be complete and accurate.

by Yuki P.

I'm a software engineer working in San Francisco. I made this little webapp in 2014 when I was a college student. I'm afraid I no longer have the time to develop any new features, but if any existing feature stops working, please send me an email at to report issues. Thanks for using my site!

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